Welcome to Culturalist, the new social network where you can shape, share and debate your opinions about anything and everything through Top Ten lists.

We are passionate about culture.  All of it.  High and low, mass and niche, silly and serious, and everything in between.  But the culture is not just what you make, it’s what we all make of it.  The culture is the conversation.

We set out to build a network to make the cultural conversation more fun, more engaging, more visual, more inclusive, more shareable, and just more.  Because we believe that not only can everyone have an opinion on everything, but that everyone’s opinion has value… individually and collectively.

Our vocabulary is Top Tens, a universal way of talking culture.  Top Tens are at once bite-size digestible and substantively in-depth.   They are everywhere, and now with Culturalist, they are all of ours to make.

Today, we are very excited to begin Public Beta.  To make sure all Culturalisters have the best possible experience as we grow, we’re opening our doors through invitations.  To join the conversation, request your invitation here.

To get started, click Explore at the top of the page to see all the conversations users are having right now.  When you find one you want to weigh in on, click Make My List.  Or if you want to start a whole new conversation, click Start A New List.  Either way, you can create each item on your list and handpick photos, videos or gifs from anywhere on the web to bring your list to life.  As it comes together, you can reorder by dragging and dropping items to create your ideal ranking.  When you’re happy with your list, just click Publish.  Now you can spark debate among your friends by clicking Share to post your list on Facebook and Twitter.

Not just a personal preference engine, Culturalist is also a collective consensus engine.  Your own list is a beautiful, shareable expression of your opinions and passions, but it is also a way for you to contribute to the collective wisdom.  Each list you make is counted in the Aggregate, that takes all the lists on the same topic and distills them into a single new list reflecting the opinions of the Culturalist community as a whole.

So when you want to explore any topic, you can look through the individual lists of your friends and fellow Culturalisters, or you can seek out the communal opinion of the Aggregate.  You can weigh in or find your way in to everything from Best New TV Shows of 2013 to Best TV Women I Want To Be Friends With, from Worst Fashion Trends of the Last 10 Years to Best Songs About Style, from Best Websites I Visit Everyday to Best Inventions of All Time, from Best Things I Simply Can’t Live Without to Worst Things That I Don’t Like That Everyone Else Seems To Love.

Whatever your passion or your curiosity, there’s a conversation ready for you to join it or start it.  We welcome you to come in and explore.  We welcome you to share your Top Tens on Facebook and Twitter.  We welcome you to send any feedback or questions to us at support@culturalist.com.  We welcome you to Culturalist!


-Jordan Roth, Founder & CEO